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…a blog from Bournemouth University, UK.

This is an academic online forum to report, analyse and comment on opinion about the consequences of the Brexit vote in the UK. It is open to all respondents, inside or outside the EU.

Quo Brexit? offers open, regular, up-to-date news and commentary services to interested scholars and policy makers.  Its focus is communications by governments, political parties, business, academics, interest groups and individuals.

It is neutral about the outcome of the UK referendum, adopting a professional, even-handed, non-partisan approach to events and opinions. It is written by two BU academics (Kevin Moloney and Pawel Surowiec) who specialise in public communications.

Staying or leaving the EU has been a longstanding item on the UK’s political agenda since 1975 when the first referendum gave a ‘yes’ vote. Its salience has risen and fallen but its presence has been constant.

The second referendum of June 2016 has turned a ‘yes’ into a ‘no’. But what sort of  ‘no’? As we write, there is only the naïve but masterly ambiguity of ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

We want to investigate what lies behind the phrase for there lies the substance and shape of the UK’s relations with Europe and Europe’s relations with the UK, we believe, for the next 50 years.

The Quo Brexit? debate is hotting up here in Britain and makes news around Europe and globally. Now, therefore, is the right time for academic assessment.


We look forward to your views. See below for our past blogs.

Kevin Moloney and Pawel Surowiec

Media and Communication Faculty

Bournemouth University