Entry 46

Could Catalexit join Brexit and split EU?

Brexit has a new linguistic rival in matters of slogans about national splits. It is Catalexit. The term emerges (read here first) as we see the politics of both UK and Spain become more complicated with cross-hatching issues of territorial splits and sovereign control.

Some separatists in Barcelona want independence from Madrid and seek to join the EU. France said ‘no’. Scotland is to vote again in 2018 on independence from London and will seek to join the EU if there is a majority vote. Would Brussels welcome the Scots?

There are patterns of similarity and difference here. Scotland already has a devolved government separate from London while Catalonia has only a devolved administration from Madrid. If the Scots vote for independence, will France, EU stalwart and old medieval ally, speak up for them?

If Madrid withdraws devolution from Catalonia, will Brussels warn about threats to democratic values?

With the UK outside of the EU, would London regard supportive commentary from Brussels about Scottish independence as external interference in a sovereign nation? If Brussels supports Catalexit as local democracy in action, would Madrid berate the EU on grounds of external interference?

Will there be more Exits?

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