Entry 45

Brexit has a funny side.

Is there any humour in the Brexit/Remain debate? We need a little to lighten the mood around Europe’s longest running political and economic divorce.

There is and it circles around the Brexit word. The Brits have invented Bregret for regret about Brexit, and je ne Bregret rien when they feel happy days are coming. They also talk about a dog’s Brexit and a full English Brexit when they feel the divorce is getting messy or taking too long.

When the joking stops, they use two nouns Brexiter and Brexiteer for serious talk. Brexiter is used to describe someone who approaches Brexit clinically, while Brexiteer is for those who positively welcome the divorce with a knowing smile.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is writing all of this down as they recognised Brexit as an English word in December 2016.

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