Entry 43

Brexit news is now a daily headline in the UK and will stay high volume until March 2019 when Britain leaves (maybe). But the headlines also cover their backs with the speculation that the county could still stay in the EU (maybe).

The Times invokes the Dunkirk spirit of surviving against the odds to report that ‘mainstream media’ think Brexit will be a success but the newspaper itself predicts that it will be a failure. It judges that Brexit looks increasingly less like Dunkirk and more like the charge of the Light Brigade (a British military disaster in Crimea): a combination of miscommunication and tactical errors turned into disaster.

There is also speculation that Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn could play a spoiler role. He currently (August 2017) talks as a Brexiteer as he zig-zags between In and Out but if the polls move towards staying In, he could back the call for another referendum. The poll that he is watching most closely is British working class opinion, the base vote of his party. Maybe.

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