Entry 42

The long battle in the UK over Brexit goes on and on. It’s now near the top of most news bulletins and broadcasts. Brexit has become part of Britain’s psychological wallpaper and is stared at but not read. And if you do read wallpaper, the words are about negotiating tactics and personalities. Even for committed Brexiteers, interest falters.

The most likely event to wake Brits up would be the fall of the Theresa May government on an unrelated issue. An issue such as more austerity cuts in public spending or a crisis in NHS budgets.

Pundits are saying that the dangerous time for the Prime Minister will be next spring when austerity is turning more and more Britons sour about falling standards of living. When that happens, all the writing on the wall will be read every hour of every day: people will be asking how Brexit relates to more or less poverty for them.

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