Entry 34

Foreign spectators of the Brexit debate are starting to speak up from the sidelines, a sign that influential outsiders are unsure of the outcome. Either that or the UK government is itself less sure and is strong arming them to jump into the domestic debate.

The most important watcher is President Obama who arrives in the UK in May next month and who said last year that the UK’s EU membership “gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union”.

The UK’s leading business newspaper The Financial Times also reports (3.3.16) that other leaders are speaking out against a Brexit outcome. They report President Hollande of France saying that there will be ‘consequences’ if the British people vote to leave’ while Germany’s finance minister warns that Germans will ‘cry’ if the UK departs.

So far the Brexit camp has not reported any global, political big hitter speaking up for them and they suggest a conspiracy of “the Euro elite teaming up with big business” against them.

But will they welcome just any global leader? The test will come if Newsweek is correct about President Putin coming out on their side.

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