Entry 33

The phoney war amongst UK political parties over EU membership is over, now that Prime Minister David Cameron has presented his reform package to Parliament.

The Opposition Labour leader has called Cameron’s negotiating efforts a “theatrical sideshow” aimed at appeasing 100 Brexit-minded Conservative MPs in the governing party.

But the most EU-minded party, the Liberal Democrats, is mostly silent and ignored, now that it has only eight MPs after their crushing reduction from 57 in the 2015 general election. So the mantle of most effective EU-minded party falls on the Scottish National Party (SNP), with 50 MPs at Westminster, and they are warning that they are being unwillingly pushed to the EU exit door.

This warning from Edinburgh to London is a chilling one for it opens up a new front of bitter British politics before the June national referendum on EU membership.

The Brexit struggle has become mixed up with the battle to keep the UK united.

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