Entry 32

Cameron under growing pressure at home to get better benefits deal

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing for more EU concessions on immigrant benefits because he knows the polls are tightening against him.

The latest agreement (end of January) with Brussels says that there could be a delay on benefits for up to four years if Britain could show severe strain on public services and if the other 27 EU states agree.

But some MPs in his own party have criticised the deal, with one calling it pathetic , and Cameron now wants the benefit brake in force straight after the EU referendum, likely in June, with no time limit.

Making the Cameron try harder is the Ipsos MORI poll of January shows that 55% of those asked said ‘remain’ (down 3 points from December) and 36% said ‘leave’ (up 4 points) giving a 19 point gap between the two with a 3.5 point swing to leave.

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