Entry 31

EU hits back at UK bullying

Some Europeans are getting really annoyed with the UK government’s ‘demands’ for a ‘reformed EU’, says Dutch journalist Joris Luyendijk. His exasperation is aimed at whingeing English politicians and people but stops short of the Scots who are believed to want to stay in Europe.

His verbal explosion is plausible because the British media invariably avoid describing any popular European annoyance and anger at months and months of British ministers travelling continent-wide with a shopping list of EU changes.

Luuendijk’s annoyance rises to anger when he asks ‘. . . . if this referendum is actually a once in a lifetime opportunity to cut the English loose. Why not let them simmer in their splendid irrelevance for a decade or more, and then allow them back in – provided they ask really, really nicely.’

His anger is personalized towards Prime Minister David Cameron who he says ‘. . . has set his sights on largely symbolic measures aimed at humiliating and excluding European migrants, safeguarding domestic interests versus those of the eurozone and, no surprises here, guarantees for London’s financial sector’.

The English likely to enjoy this tirade are substantial in number. They are the 45% who want to leave the EU: they will be laughing from now on their way to the referendum ballot box later this year.

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