Entry 24

Mixed opinions about staying in the EU

The case against Brexit – Britain leaving the EU – all share a common and powerful weakness: they reduce the UK’s national sovereignty.

This is the conclusion of an analysis of the main alternatives to UK membership (the Norwegian, Swiss, World Trade Organisation (WTO) and UK Free Trade Agreement models) by the left-learning Policy Network (November 2015). All these options are different but share a single problem – they don’t increase national control because each reduces Britain from being a rule-maker inside the EU to a rule-taker outside.

But this argument for staying in the EU is being undercut by a flux in British politics, says the left-leaning Guardian. Columnist Jonathan Freedland notes factors making prediction about staying in the EU more difficult, especially with a narrow 44% to 39% poll lead of Britons wanting to stay in.

He lists anti-establishment feelings; the rise of UKIP populism; the Scottish Government’s threats about another independence referendum for their country if England and Wales vote to leave the EU, and rising doubts about Europe on the British left.

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