Entry 20

National safety, patriotism and good business sense are three reasons for the UK staying in the EU says a new campaigning group lead by the former chairman of the iconic British departmental store Marks and Spencers.

Lord Rose announced Britain Stronger in Europe by saying that leaving the EU was “not worth the risk” and that Britain was “surely bigger” by staying in rather than “walking away”. By way of underlining the nationalist tone of the new group, a former head of the British armed forces, Sir Peter Wall, is on its board.

Lord Rose dismissed the idea that there was a “patriotic” case for leaving the EU. “To claim that the patriotic course for Britain is to retreat, withdraw and become inward-looking is to misunderstand who we are as a nation,” he said.

He beat the patriotic drum with “I will not allow anyone to tell me I’m any less British because I believe in the strongest possible Britain for business, for our security and our society.”

The Establishment tone of the new group is reinforced with three former Prime Ministers Sir John Major, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair supporting the group. With this line-up, leave the EU campaigners will need the support of the Royal Family to restore class and prestige balance!

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