Entry 17

Britain’s Conservative Party, which forms the UK government, is showing some signs of wear and tear about Brexit. One of its most influential former Chancellors of the Exchequer (Finance Minister), Dominic Lawson, has come out in favour of Brexit.

He has announced that he will lead a new campaign group Conservatives for Britain to leave the EU if Prime Minister David Cameron does not get the right package of renegotiated membership terms.

The migrant crisis facing the EU, however, could make the right package either easier or more difficult to achieve. Easier if EU members want to restrict the free movement of immigrants inside the Schengen area, a move the UK would be happy to support because it limits the principle of free movement of people inside the EU and that is a key UK demand.

But more difficult because the migrant crisis has pushed Britain’s case down the European agenda in a summer dominated by that existential crisis and the Greek/Eurozone problem. These two issues are concentrating EU minds elsewhere.

The EU worries Conservatives and the UK government more and more.

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