Entry 15

The anti-EU UKIP (UK Independence party) is on the backfoot, says the BBC, as they prepare for the in/out national referendum about EU membership for Britain.

Despite winning 4m votes in the May general election but only one MP, it is the underdog in the forthcoming battle against the massed ranks of big business, the government, the official opposition and the trade unions.

Even its leader casts doubt on its attraction to voters by saying that he will emphasize the national interest rather than party importance in the upcoming referendum. Nigel Farage says that his priority is winning the vote and that UKIP’s own electoral fortunes are sec.

Other anti-EU groups include the ‘Leave.EU’ group; the Democracy Movement, Global Britain and the Bruges Group. The first of these is a rebranding of the ‘Know’ campaign, a title which was a word play on ‘No’ but was confusing. See the political blog Guido Fawkes.

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