Entry 13

Brexit ok for business says major business

Surprise equanimity about a British exit from the EU came from a major American manufacturing company based in the UK (15.9.15).

Carmakers Vauxhall said Brexit would not stop them from doing business in the UK because it is “unthinkable” that the rest of the EU would refuse to negotiate trade treaty with an outsider Britain.

Tim Tozer, managing director of the carmaker, described the EU referendum as a “good thing” and said if the UK voted to leave, the company would continue its operations as usual.

Vauxhalls comment is outside the usual pattern of British big business urging continued EU membership and implying removal of factories, jobs and capital investment to mainland Europe.

On the same day (15.9.15), two politicians from Switzerland and Iceland were also relaxed about a British exit because it lead to a free market “chain reaction” across the continent, encouraging countries such as Denmark and Sweden to leave as well.

These politicians from their countries’ largest parties claim the UK would be able to stand outside of the EU, dismissing the idea that it could be left isolated as “nonsense”.

Rather, Britain could emerge from the EU to enjoy a free-trade only relationship and become more prosperous, they argue.

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